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I am currently a baseball obsessive and high school teacher in Louisville, Kentucky.

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I am currently a baseball obsessive and high school teacher in Louisville, Kentucky. I do not think RBIs are the world's most important stat. Let me say that again: RBIs are not the most important stat. I enjoy sarcasm and am always disappointed when it fails in text. I read about the Reds all the time, as in, everyday. In addition to teaching, I write fiction on the side, but let's not get too much into that here. I am married and my wife is wonderful. I am bothered by the the short sentences and lack of eloquence in this self-description, so I am going to write one very long, complex sentence just to make myself feel a little better. There, now I'm done.


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Restart and Why Taveras Is Not the Answer posted on 12/13/2008

Oh boy, so much for trying to have a regularly updated Reds blog. Of course, as soon as I posted the first entry, I got sick and then a bunch of other stuff got in the way, but hey, I'm back for a reboot here. Let's try it again.

Since my last post the Reds have been reaonably active. They resigned Lincoln, Weathers accepted arbitration, and they signed Arthur Rhodes. This sures the bullpen up pretty well, and for the first time in a long time, I'm not even remotley worried about the Reds pitching staff.

They also traded Freel for Ramon Hernandez. I like this trade because between Hanigan and Hernandez, it means the Reds should have solidly average to above average offense from catcher, which will be MUCH better than they were last year.

Now, however, they are reportedly intereested in Willy Taveras, Ty Wigginton, and Aaron Miles. Now, let me just start off by saying that I don't have a problem with Wigginton. I think he'd be interesting. He'd probably shift EE to left, but I could live with that. Miles, I'm luke warm about. I assume the Reds would be looking at him as a potential shortstop where, defensively, he seems to be slightly below average. Offensively, he wouldn't be a disaster as he does get on base a little bit, though I have more power than he does and I have to swing one handed. Taveras, however, would be a disaster. I am totally unwilling to accept such miniscule power from a centerfielder and I am not at all confident that he will get on base enough to justify being the starting centerfielder. 

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What to Do with 30 Million Dollars posted on 11/20/2008

Greetings and welcome to my brand-spanking new Reds blog. We currently boast a readership of, well, let's not talk about that right now, but we're growing! That's the idea. GROW!

The Reds just finished their 400th miserable season in a row, and, as always, there's talk of competing next year, but the question is, is it possible?

Supposedly, the Reds are going to have a payroll of around $85 million next year. Currently, everyone under contract plus Encarncion's arbitration raise, brings things to $50 million dollars. Figure $5 million for roster fillers and you're left with about $30 million to play with.

The Reds are doing pretty well with starting pitching, and I'm not believer that you pay big money for relief pitching, so let's assume that most of that is going to beef up the offense (last year's big problem). Right now, the Reds are set at 1B (Votto), 2B (Phillips), CF/RF (Bruce), and 3B (Encarnacion). The leaves half the lineup to deal with.

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