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Reds Fan

Aroldis Chapman posted by Reds Fan

Born February 28, 1988, Aroldis Chapman is presently with Cincinnati Reds, playing Major League baseball. He is from Cuba and nicknamed the Cuban Flame Thrower or the Cuban Missile, as he is a fantastic pitcher, and holds the MLB record for fastest pitch speed of 106mph. He also holds the record for striking out minimum one batter in 40 appearances consecutively. Chapman has a left-handed throw, and he bats as well.   

Aroldis Chapman started playing baseball when he was 15 years old. Initially he was a first baseman, but the coach noticed his throw, and recognized his potential to be a good pitcher. In 2006, Chapman joined a team of Cuban National Series. In 327 2/3 innings, he managed 365 strikeouts, 3.74 ERA, and 24-19 record. In 2008, Chapman failed in defecting to U.S., and the Cuban President suspended him from playing baseball for the full year. In 2009, he was successful in defecting when the Cuban team was playing in Netherlands, and became a resident of Andorra.

In January 2010, Chapman signed a six-year contract with the Cincinnati reds, and in April that year he played his first professional match for the Louisville Bats, a Triple-A team. In this match against the Mud Hens, he pitched for 4 2/3 innings and struck out nine, and gave only one unearned run. In August 2010, Chapman made his MLB debut, when the Reds were playing against Milwaukee Brewers in the eight innings. The very first pitch was recorded to be 98mph and was called strike. In March 2014, Chapman suffered a skull fracture when he was hit by Salvador Perez's line drive, and had to undergo surgery. In May, he was back and Chapman made his 100th save against the Diamondbacks in July, which made him the eight fastest pitchers to achieve this record. 

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Reds Fan

Betting on the Reds in 2013 posted by Reds Fan

Are you a big Cincinnati Reds fan? Are you confident that your team can beat any other team in the MLB? Then you may want to take a chance and win lots of money by picking your team in an online betting game. There are three ways of MLB online betting that you can choose from- money line, run line and over under.

Money line is the easiest type of online betting that you can participate in. The rules are simple- just pick the team you think will win the game. Since you’re a Reds fan, you’d naturally pick your team here. Each team has odds and you simply have to choose the team that will win the ball game. As in any other gambling game, teams with bigger odds of winning will payout less money that the amount that you wagered while teams with lesser chances of winning will have a bigger payout than the amount you have bet.

The other game that you can put your money into is run line betting. In this game, the favored team has a 1.5 run advantage that it has to cover in order for you to win the bet. If your Cincinnati Red win by two or more runs, you win. But if they don’t, you lose the game.

Or you can put your money in over under betting. Here bookies will set a total number of runs scored by the competing teams. You can choose if the total number of runs to be completed in the game is either higher or lower than what was set by the bookies.

Online MLB betting is fun and exciting, however if you can't quite make your mind up over who's going to come out on top or if you're looking for a bit of betting fun during the close-season there are many types of online gambling to get your fix from.

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Richard Kagan

The Latest Marmol Meltdown Is Enough posted by Richard Kagan

Here the deal on Cub's reliever Carlos Marmol.  The hard throwing righty is either lights out, or it's All Hands on Deck.   Marmol was in the game vs. the Reds to protect a 3-0 lead and a gem of performance by Ryan Dempster. Marmol walked guys, put runners in scoring position and Cincinnati scratched 3 runs to tie the game.  They won it on the 10th.  Marmol is boring.  He doesn't get anyone out.  His walk ratio per batters pitched is horrendous.  Something like 25% of the guys he has faced, he has walked.  You don't have to get a hit off him.  Just stand there.  When he is on and somedays he is, his slider is unhittable.   The thing is with Marmol who don't know which pitcher will show up.  The closer or the Blower.  He has blown some games that were in the bag.  And, that is hard to do.  I used to like him.  He thought he was going to be great.  But, groom someone else for the closer role.  Let some other pitcher try his luck.  It has to be better than Marmol.

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Richard Kagan

President's Speech vs. NFL game posted by Richard Kagan

What in the world are we coming to?  President Obama wanted to make his national address on Wednesday night but House speaker John Boehner objected.  This was political brinksmanship at its finest.  Now, Obama had to either go ahead with the date, or move his address to Congress nect night, the debut for the 2011 NFL season.  President Obama opted to make his address on Thursday.  Now, people will have to decide to watch the game or listen to Obama's speech.

What to do?  If you were as patriotic as the character that Hank Williams plays on the intro the Monday Night Football, you'll listen to Obama's speech.  Are you ready for some football?  Not yet.  I can wait a half hour.  But now people will have to make a decision, you can't trust people to make an informed choice.  Or to go with their instincts.  This is not life and death, it's a football game, one of hundreds that will be shown on TV this fall and winter.  If you have a problem missing the game, then look at that.  If we don't get a handle on the economy, football will be relatively meaningless.  I'll take the odds on that one.

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Todd F. Dixon

Stealing Away Some Rival Talent posted by Todd F. Dixon

Another busy day for the Redskins front office.  There is a new strategy in DC these days, steal away talent from your rivals.  Instead of looking all over the country for players, we looked at situations in our division and up 95 to shore up our roster.  Let's take a look at the recent moves.

Josh Wilson CB Ravens - Wilson is a local product having gone to Dematha and then on to UMD.  He was a 2nd round pick ny the Seahawks in 2007.  He was traded to the Ravens on the last year of his contract when injuries decimated the Ravens secondary.   He quickly stepped up his game and landed himself in a starting position.  He also has experience returning kicks and punts so he could help in special teams as well.  His skills are just as good as Carlos Rogers except he has goood hands and is 4 years younger.  He is automatically a starter opposite DHall and a huge upgrade.  So long Butterfingers Rogers.

Stephen Bowen DE Cowboys - An undrafted free agent as a rookie out of Hofstra, he was signed to the Cowboys in 2006.  He learned in Wade Phillips 3-4 defense and is considered a very good 3-4 end.  The Cowboys desperately wanted to keep him but they have salary cap issues and the Redskins surprisingly swooped in and signed him.  He provides great depth along the line, and with Fat Albert and Jeremy Jarmon gone, he will see many oportunities to get at the QBs of the east.

 Barry Cofield NT Giants - Cofield didn't play in a 3-4, but the defense the Giants use has been known to use certain aspects of that type of defense.  He is listed as a nose tackle on which was the Redskins greatest need this offseason.  Cofield was HUGE for the Giants and they were very upset to see him go, especiallly to a division rival.  He will be seeing Eli a lot this season though, in the backfield.

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Todd F. Dixon

Redskins Free Agent Activity!! posted by Todd F. Dixon

So the Redskins were said to be making a huge "splash" in free agencey, which they haven't really done.  The main targets for the Redskins (WR Santonio Homes, OL Marshal Yanda, and OL Doug Free, CB Ike Taylor) all re-signed with their respective teams.  So, plan B.  They made some moves pretty quick although they weren't what was expected.

 The first move they made was dumping Donovan Mcnabb which ends yet another highly anticipated era that ended poorly.  I'm happy we got rid of him and were able to get some value (even though it was a 6th rounder).  Bruce Allen has yet again been able to turn a bad situation good and save a little dignity to this Snyder franchise.  It was a great move, and we will save millions on the cap that we are already more than 20 million under (somehow).  We could sign 3 players with the money we are going to save which we kinda did.

The first big signing was Giants DT Barry Cofield.  He is listed as a NT which was our 2nd biggest glaring need on defense behind CB but, he has been a 4-3 DT (Like Haynesworth) his whole career.  The only thing I can say is that he has the right size, and is a team-first guy who will play wherever he is asked.  He is also great at getting to the QB, so I may be okay with it when I see it play out.  

The best and smartest move was re-signing Santana Moss.  This was so perfect.  He had the best year of his career last year (93 receptions) playing all over the field getting thrown to by a struggling Mcnabb and Grossman.  He will provide great veteran leadership on the field, and also he is a great locker room presence and knows the system and loves DC.

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Trevor Time calls it a day posted by David

Trevor Hoffman, Major League Baseball’s all-time saves leader, announced his retirement this week after an illustrious 18-year big league career.  The seven-time All-Star finishes his career with 601 saves, a 61-75 record, a 2.87 ERA, and 1,133 strikeouts.  In 1089.1 innings pitched – spanning 1035 games – he surrendered exactly 100 home runs.  Hoffman spent the bulk of his career with the Padres, with whom he won four division titles and one National League pennant.

Hoffman was drafted as a position player, but after hitting .249 and .212 in his first two seasons in the low levels of the minors, the Reds turned him into a pitcher.  Hoffman found immediate success on the mound, going on to become a dominant closer for nearly two decades, but Cincinnati lost him to the Marlins in the 1992 Expansion Draft.  After half a season in the majors, he was traded to San Diego in a deal that sent Gary Sheffield to Florida.  Hoffman would spend the next 15 and a half seasons in a Padres uniform.

Hoffman’s best season came in 1998, when he recorded 53 saves (at the time, tied for second in a season), boasted an ERA of just 1.48 and a WHIP of 0.85, and allowed only two home runs.  In 73 innings, Hoffman struck out 86 batters while walking 21.  That same year, he came in second in Cy Young Award voting despite receiving more first-place votes (13) than the winner, Tom Glavine (11).  In an MVP race that saw sluggers Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire finish first and second, Hoffman came in

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A new champion is crowned posted by David

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, who are World Champions for the first time since moving to the west coast more than 50 years ago.  Their last title in New York came in 1954, when Willie Mays made “the catch” that will be played on highlight reels forever.  The Giants came unbelievably close to not even making the playoffs this year, but the fans who claimed that watching their team was “torture” are now the happiest fans in baseball.

How ‘bout that?

How about Matt Cain?  The San Francisco hurler was nearly untouchable throughout the playoffs, outshining staff ace Tim Lincecum, who had a bad outing in Game 1 of the Fall Classic.  In three postseason starts, Cain allowed only an unearned run over 21.1 innings of work, going at least 6.2 innings in each outing and providing a huge boost to his team’s hunt for glory.  He might be the best #2 starter in the majors, but Matt Cain looked like the second coming of Cy Young when it mattered most for the Giants.

How about Brian Wilson?  The flamethrower’s postseason numbers included six saves (in seven chances) and a win in 11.2 innings pitched, allowing just an unearned run.  Additionally, Wilson allowed no more than one hit per appearance while anchoring the San Francisco bullpen.  Wilson gave Bruce Bochy the confidence this postseason usually reserved for Mariano Rivera’s manager when handing his closer the ball in October (or November).

How about the fantastic class of rookies in the postseason?  Stephen Strasburg wasn’t among them, but Jason Heyward (Braves), Buster Posey (Giants), Aroldis Chapman (Reds), Danny Valencia (Twins), Wade Davis (Rays), Neftali Feliz and Mitch Moreland (both Rangers) would make an incredible young team if they all played together.  In fact, even top prospect Domonic Brown, who compiled just 62 regular-season at-bats, was on the Phillies’ playoff roster.  Expectations will be high for this talented group, and here’s hoping none of them experiences too much of a sophomore slump.

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Longer series are good for ball posted by David

Postseason sweeps are great if your team comes out victorious, but for the fan who just wants to see a good series because his team is already done for the year, sweeps make October less exciting.  The Phillies and Yankees outplayed their first-round opponents so it was no surprise that the Reds and Twins failed to win a single game, but the other two division series were more fun to watch.  Additionally, the League Championship Series in both the AL and NL will last a minimum of six games, which is how it should be.  A postseason series that features one team in complete control over the other is like a boxing match in which one fighter KO’s the other in the first round, but then fights him again the next night and does it all over again.  A series that goes the distance (or a game shy of it), on the other hand, is good for ball.

How ‘bout that?

How about Cody Ross?  The Giants outfielder hit two home runs against Roy Halladay in Game 1 of the NLCS and added one off Roy Oswalt in Game 2 to provide San Francisco with its only run of the game.  This feat of power against two of the league’s best pitchers comes after Ross hit only three long balls in 33 games after coming over in a trade from the Marlins.  Though closer Brian Wilson has struck out six in 3.1 scoreless innings of work, Ross’s .375/.474/1.063 line as an everyday player makes him the favorite for the series MVP should his team eliminate the two-time defending NL Champs and play in the Fall Classic for the first time since 2002.

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Pair of Triple Crown candidates duel it out posted by David

Albert Pujols and Joey Votto are having monster seasons.  Not only are the sluggers leading their teams in the playoff hunt – the Cardinals are 1.5 games back in the Wild Card race while the Reds lead the NL Central – but Pujols (.321, 34 HR, 93 RBI) and Votto (.326, 31 HR, 90 RBI) are the top two National Leaguers in each of the Triple Crown categories.  Both have strong cases for the MVP award, but if either one wins the first Triple Crown since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967, it would be awfully hard for the voters not to choose him as the league’s Most Valuable Player.

How ‘bout that?

How about Billy Wagner?  The 39-year-old anchor of the Atlanta bullpen has saved 30 games, holds a 1.68 ERA and a 0.88 WHIP, and did not give up a run in the entire month of June (11.1 innings, six hits, five walks, 17 strikeouts).  Wagner plans to retire at season’s end, and with the Braves currently leading the NL East, he’s looking for his first crack at the World Series and the opportunity to go out on top.

How about Carlos Gonzalez?  The Venezuelan outfielder is enjoying a fine year in his first full season as a big leaguer, hitting .320 with 26 homers, 84 RBI’s, and 20 stolen bases.  His batting average, .569 slugging percentage, and .922 OPS put him behind only Pujols and Votto in the National League.  Rockies fans can look forward to many years of watching Gonzalez display his talents at Coors Field.  At 24, he has a very promising career ahead of him.

How about the Twins?  Despite almost getting no-hit and losing three of four to the Rangers earlier this week, the Twinkies are 27-13 since the All-Star break, and hold a three-and-a-half game lead over the White Sox in the AL Central.  After losing cleanup man Justin Morneau to injury the week before the All-Star break, several Minnesota players have stepped up to the plate.  Since the break, birthday boy Jim Thome (now 40) is slugging .651, Delmon Young and Jason Kubel have driven in 33 and 32 runs, respectively, in 39 games, and Joe Mauer has raked to a line of .399/.476/.594 with 32 RBI’s in 36 games.

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Cincinnati Reds News

View All Cincinnati Reds News

Prince Fielder leads Rangers to sweep over the Yankees (Big League Stew)

Take a look around the league with Big League Stew's daily wrap up. We'll hit on all of the biggest moments from the day that you may have missed, while providing highlights, photos and interesting stats. Looks like Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder is back. The 31-year-old came into the year with major questions after undergoing neck surgery last season, but he's been able to quiet the doubters thus far. He put those skills on display on the national level Sunday night against the New York Yankees. Fielder picked up three hits during the contest, leading Texas to the 5-2 win. Fielder hit a double and two singles, finishing 3 for 5, with two RBI. That stat line seems pretty familiar to Prince this season. Over 193 plate appearances, he's hitting an impressive .360/.415/.554.  Some of the batting average is due to luck, but Fielder deserves credit for returning to form. He's been able to cut his strikeout rate to a career-low 11.1 percent. While his walk rate is also at a career-low, he's shown the ability to take walks at a high pace in the past. Also, his low walk rate is hardly a concern if he continues producing like this. While Fielder is swinging a bit more, he's also making contact at a career-high 85.6 percent. It appears he's traded some patience for contact, and it's been working. The biggest positive is that his aggressive approach hasn't limited his power just yet. His home run rate of 14.5 percent is slightly low compared to his career-rate, so there's a chance it will rise moving forward. Then again, perhaps this new version of Prince isn't as dependent on the long ball.  For now, whatever he's doing is working. Though the Rangers are just 21-23, Fielder's revival has been an encouraging sign for the franchise. PIRATES' PITCHING PUTS METS IN PRECARIOUS POSITION The Pittsburgh Pirates managed to complete the sweep over the New York Mets on Sunday. Francisco Liriano led the way during the 9-1 victory. Actually, all three of the Pirates starters dominated during the series. Gerrit Cole struck out 10 while nearly tossing a complete game Friday, A.J. Burnett followed that up with a 10 strikeout performance Saturday and Liriano added an incredible 12 strikeouts during Sunday's game. It was the first time since 1969 that a trio of Pirates starters struck out double-digit batters in three straight games. Burnett, Cole and Liriano struck out 32 Mets over 21 1/3 innings during the sweep.  With the win, the Pirates are just one game under .500. They trail the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Central by 3.0 games. MICHAEL WACHA REMAINS PERFECT St. Louis Cardinals starter Michael Wacha may never lose another game. The 23-year-old improved to 7-0 after Sunday's 6-1 win over the Kansas City Royals. Wacha has been operating with a slightly altered approach this year, but it seems to have worked out thus far. The right-handers strikeout rate has dropped quite a bit, but he's been able to balance that by picking up more grounders.  Wacha's .231 BABIP suggests regression could be coming, however, so there may come a time where he'll need to reach back and start picking up more strikeouts.  For now, though, all appears to be right. The Cardinals have been able to remain at the top despite losing Adam Wainwright for the season, and Wacha's emergence has been a big part of it.  Wacha tossed just 107 innings last season due to shoulder issues, so the club may want to limit his usage moving forward. Based on how he's going now, it's going to be incredibly tough to take him out of the rotation at any point. HOT IN CLEVELAND Don't look now, but the Cleveland Indians are starting to get hot. The franchise picked up its sixth-straight win with a 5-2 victory over the Cincinnati Reds. Since their 7-14 start in April, the club has improved to 13-9 during May. Despite the recent winning streak, the team remains eight games out of first in the American League Central.  The rotation has been a big part of the recent surge. The Indians have four of the 12 best starting pitchers in the American League by FIP this season — August Fagerstrom (@AugustF_MLB) May 24, 2015 On top of that, catcher Yan Gomes just returned from a knee injury Sunday. He'll not only provide a strong upgrade on offense, but he's also considered a useful defensive asset.  While Cleveland still has a long way to go before they are considered contenders, they are finally starting to perform like many expected in the preseason. Want to see more from Sunday's slate of games? Check out  our scoreboard . [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Ventura, 2 relievers shut out Reds, 3-0 (The Associated Press)

It has been 23 years since the Kansas City Royals logged consecutive shutouts. Yordano Ventura, Kelvin Herrera and Wade Davis combined on a four-hitter and the Royals beat the Cincinnati Reds 3-0 on Tuesday night. The Royals, who beat the New York Yankees 6-0 on Sunday, had back-to-back shutouts for the first time since Sept. 29-30, 1992, when Dennis Rasmussen and Rick Reed blanked the California Angels. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Do it again: Ryan Zimmerman's walk-off blast leads Nationals over Yankees (Big League Stew)

Take a look around the league with Big League Stew's daily wrap up. We'll hit on all of the biggest moments from the day that you may have missed, while providing highlights, photos and interesting stats. There's a reason Washington Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman is nicknamed Mr. Walk-off . In case anyone forgot, Zimmerman sent out a reminder Tuesday against the New York Yankees. With his 10th inning blast against Andrew Miller, Zimmerman led the Nationals to an 8-6 victory.  Zimmerman has displayed late-inning heroics before. In fact, this was the 10th walk-off home run of his career. That puts him in some elite company.  . @Nationals 3B Ryan Zimmerman in very nice company after his walk-off HR tonight — ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) May 20, 2015 That list just includes National League players. As Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated notes, Jim Thome actually holds the record with 13 walk-off home runs. That list may not be 100 percent accurate considering play-by-play data wasn't recorded until 1938. It's possible other players from that era have more, but we aren't entirely sure. It was Zimmerman's first walk-off shot in over a year, and second against the Yankees. Zimmerman's first career walk-off home run actually came against New York's Chien-Ming Wang in June of 2006. His last walk-off homer came against the New York Mets in 2013 with LaTroy Hawkins on the mound. Following the victory, the Nationals celebrated in their usual fashion. This photo of Max Scherzer pouring chocolate sauce on Ryan Zimmerman is something [via USA Today]: — Chase Hughes (@chasehughesCSN) May 20, 2015 Through 170 plate appearances, Zimmerman is hitting .242/.294/.418 this season. The Nationals improved to 23-17 with the win. YORDANO TOPS CUETO The Cincinnati Reds and Kansas City Royals provided one of the better pitching duels Tuesday, but the less experienced ace pulled off the victory. Yordano Ventura was fantastic against Johnny Cueto, leading the Royals to the 3-0 win. Ventura tossed his finest game of the young season. He allowed just four over seven scoreless innings. Ventura struck out six, and did not issue any walks during the outing. Cueto didn't fare as well. The 29-year-old ace gave up three runs on nine hits over seven frames. He struck out four and walked one. While it was far from his sharpest outing, Cueto received no support from his offense. That's become an alarming trend lately. #Reds have scored 3 runs or fewer while Cueto was still in the game in 15 of his last 18 starts. — Joel Luckhaupt (@jluckhaupt) May 20, 2015 With the victory, Ventura improved to 3-3. He has a 4.56 ERA through eight starts. The Royals sit atop the American League Central with a 25-14 record. GRICHUK GETS GOING AGAINST METS The St. Louis Cardinals' bats came alive Tuesday against the New York Mets. The team notched double-digits runs in a 10-2 victory. One of the biggest catalysts for the outburst was outfielder Randal Grichuk, who had one of the worst games possible Monday. Randal Grichuk struck out five times on Monday. Tonight? Two doubles, one triple, three RBI and one run scored. — Jenifer Langosch (@LangoschMLB) May 20, 2015 Grichuk redeemed himself Tuesday. The 23-year-old went 3 for 5, with two doubles and a triple during the contest. He scored one run and drove in three.  His performance allowed pitcher Michael Wacha to improve to 6-0 on the year. Wacha was excellent during the contest, allowing two runs on four hits over seven innings.  St. Louis improved to 26-13 with the win.   TAMPA BAY MOVES INTO FIRST PLACE Few believed in the Tampa Bay Rays prior to the start of the season, and the team appears to have taken the hate personally. The Rays moved into a tie for first place in the American League East with a 5-3 win over the Atlanta Braves. The win was a real team effort. Steven Souza Jr. was the only player on the club to notch more than two hits, and five separate players were responsible for the RBIs. While it's still early in the year, there's some reason to believe in the Rays' early surge. The club currently has a +19 run differential, which is best in the division. Both the Yankees and Blue Jays sit at +13, though, so it's not like the Rays should hold a commanding lead. [ Check out Big League Stew on Tumblr for even more baseball awesomeness. ] Still, the performance has been impressive, and proof that maybe the club was underrated heading into the year.   Want to see more from Tuesday's slate of games? Check out  our scoreboard . More MLB coverage from Yahoo Sports: - - - - - - - Chris Cwik is a writer for Big League Stew on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @Chris_Cwik [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Baseball-Highlights of Tuesday's MLB games (Reuters)

May 19 (The Sports Xchange) - Highlights of Tuesday's Major League Baseball games. - - - Royals 3, Reds 0 Mike Moustakas had three hits, including two doubles, and drove in two runs, and Yordano Ventura pitched seven strong innings as the Kansas City Royals shut out the Cincinnati Reds. Third baseman Moustakas had RBI doubles in the fifth and seventh innings as the Royals moved 2 1/2 games in front of Detroit in the American League Central. The Reds have lost four straight, matching their season high, and dropped a season-worst three games below .500. ... [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Reds-Royals Preview (The Associated Press)

Johnny Cueto had a wild side, too, when he was Yordano Ventura's age, earning a seven-game suspension for his role in a benches-clearing brawl nearly five years ago. Since then, Cueto has become one of the game's top pitchers and the anchor of the Cincinnati Reds' staff who will command top dollar when he reaches free agency after the season. Ventura, who turns 24 on June 3 and has made more headlines for his antics than for his pitching, opposes Cueto when the Kansas City Royals host the Reds on Tuesday night. The right-hander gave up two runs and struck out nine in seven innings of the Reds' 4-3 win over San Francisco on Thursday, and he's pitched at least seven innings in seven of his eight starts. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

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